Plan ahead with a subscription based firewood package with no winter panic or price rises..

It’s the middle of summer, we are thinking about logs for the pizza oven, charcoal for our Garden barbecues and, if we are buying kiln dried firewood then it’s probably for those relaxing memorable evenings with family and friends around the garden bonfire or firepit.

Why on earth would we think about the winter season when we are all so busy enjoying the summer months..?

The challenges ahead

It’s a good question and this year especially; a really important question because it is a year when several unique challenges have combined to cause real problems for our own and many other industries which rely on wood and timber.

Prior to the UK’s exit from the European Union, a significant stockpile of timber and a healthy supply chain meant we could take the supply of firewood for granted. However issues began during the Brexit transition period when our industry was in competition with many others to obtain road haulage capacity within the UK. Freight container costs also escalated dramatically and even now as early as July, we are hearing about shortages in shipping containers, a situation that will only become more frustrating as we enter the second half of the year.

Along with Brexit of course came the Coronavirus pandemic, when combined with high global demand and a volatile timber market all these factors have forced us to plan ahead for the winter heating season much earlier and much more diligently than we normally would.

And we have no choice but to advise our customers to do the same.

Supplying you through the winter

We will very shortly be building our stock levels for the winter, spending more time and resources than normal to ensure our supply of quality kiln-dried firewood is exactly where we need it to be, so that our customers can do the same.

Our subscription service solves the issue for them in a way that is both simple and cost effective. Firstly it enables our customers to avoid the inevitable price hikes that winter will bring by locking in their current price for six months and it also protects their subscription orders as we make sure we have stock pre-allocated and ready to ship when they request it.

Our subscription service means there is no need for stockpiling and it will also help avoid shortages caused by things such as panic buying. If you want peace of mind this winter, and DEFRA certified ‘Ready to Burn’ firewood on hand when you need it the most, then our subscription service is the most reliable and cost effective option.

If there is not a subscription plan to suit your needs please let us know and we will build it for you.

The subscription plan is available at checkout.

If you would like to avoid uncertainty and shortages this winter or learn more about our subscription firewood service, you can register on our website here.  if you would like any other help and advice about the firewood you need this winter or for any other enquiries, get in touch via our website, by email at [email protected] or give us a call on 0330 097 4302