Wholesale Firewood prices including 20% VAT

Logs Online wholesale firewood team will help you prepare for what will surely be another busy winter. We have the  wholesale logs supply chain secuerd to offer wholesale kiln dried firewood at competitive prices. Logs can be delivered on pallets or full shipping containers to suit your needs. We can also offer firewood bags wholesale.

Kiln-dried firewood logs burn slowly and steadily. They are ideal for use in a wide range of heating equipment such as fireplaces, pits, stoves, and chimineas. 

Wholesale kiln-dried firewood Logs For Sale

If you're looking for kiln-dried firewood at an affordable price, go no further than our wholesale firewood supply chain. 

  • You can rely on Logs Online's wholesale wood crew to help you get ready for another busy winter ahead. 
  • We offer wholesale kiln dried firewood at competitive prices with our wholesale logs supply chain. 
  • A variety of delivery options are available for logs, including entire shipping containers and pallets of logs. 
  • We also offer wholesale firewood bags.


  • Our Kiln-dried firewood logs are 25 cm long and to a moisture level under 20%. This means that all standard packages of firewood are certified and labelled as "Ready to Burn." 
  • There must be less than 20% moisture content to achieve the wood's quality standards.
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