Monolith Grill Tools & Accessories

Experience the best BBQ with Monolith Grill Tools and Accessories

This season, the global Covid-19 scenario poses serious supply challenges for the BBQ industry, and demand for the new Monolith Pro Series is higher than ever. Logs the online UK is updating the material on the monolith grill because it is evolving so quickly. 

You get even more versatility and pleasure while using the Monolith grill accessories. You'll be sure to get astonished at what you can do with your MONOLITH Ceramic Grill, thanks to the extensive selection of grilling tools, covers, ceramic grill accessories and supplements, and charcoal & smoke pellets! The ideal equipment - for ideal outcomes!

Monolith BBQ Accessories are the best for summer outdoor barbeque parties. Monolith BBQ and grill tools consist of the monolith pizza peel, monolith pizza cutter rocker blade, and chicken roaster and vegetable tray. The accessories for cutting pizza and roasting luscious chicken are all stainless steel. 

Beer, wine, apple juice, or any other flavoured beverage can be put within the detachable stainless steel canister of the vegetable roaster. Roasting veggies on the perforated pan is a great idea. In contrast, the monolith's pizza peel helps to transfer your pizza or flatbread. 

Make the most of your BBQ experience using Big K charcoal for the ideal smokey flavour at logs online UK.

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