What is the best firewood for you?

It’s a good question and one which we face many times when offering help, advice and support to the people who trust our service.

The good news is; it’s a question that never gets old because the answer is usually unique to the person asking and their own firewood needs. 

Those conversations are in-fact just as interesting for us, as they give us a deeper insight into what happens to the kiln dried logs, smoking wood and pizza oven logs we ship, after they are safely delivered to our client’s door on the day of their choosing...

So let’s have a closer look at those needs and the firewood that might suit them best.

Gardens & Fire pits

As so many of us look to our gardens as places of sanctuary and spaces to enjoy lately, the sales in fire pits has risen massively and of course; the need for firewood to fuel them, but which type of firewood is best?

Anyone looking to light fires safely in their gardens is usually looking for two key things, a wood type that burns with minimal smoke and one that lights quickly.

We recommend kiln dried birch logs because it is ready to burn as soon as you get it. The removal of moisture thanks to kiln drying also means it burns far cleaner, so can be ideal for enclosed gardens in close proximity to neighbours.  

Kiln dried wood is also friendlier to handle; it is cleaner than fresh or reclaimed wood with less organic matter such as insects present.

An ideal all-rounder

Many people have fire pits, but they might also have log burning stoves, open fires or even wood fired pizza ovens.

With that fact in mind, it’s no surprise we get asked about the best all round firewood for those combined needs.

Kiln dried ash logs has always been popular for its range of qualities. For ovens it burns consistently and at high temperatures, for the fireplace and garden it lights quickly and burns cleanly.


Trying something different

The timber industry is a global one and it exists alongside other industries which, like ourselves; rely on the best quality wood. The construction industry is a notable one, giving generous returns to forestry owners and the knock-on effect of prices for the next heating season may be considerable.