The Rediscovered Art of Firewood Cooking

We’ve been cooking with wood ever since we discovered fire and how to harness its power.

Why did we do it..? Well it helped to make our food easier to eat; it also killed harmful bacteria and made it taste amazing, today those things are just as true.

1.8 million years ago however, there were other factors to consider, firewood kept our ancestors together, safe and warm as an essential fuel for life.

Warmth, safety and incredible-tasting food... It’s no surprise that cooking with firewood became so popular.

Cooking with firewood today, awakens those same feelings inside us, its elemental, incredibly social, even a little primal and the taste, well it’s better than ever.

A resurgence in popularity

Cooking with firewood is generating a great deal of interest in the UK these days. Some of the nation’s finest restaurants are embracing firewood cooking to deliver a different experience and taste their diners.

Our gardens are filled with the incredible aromas of firewood cooking and the sounds of good times.

Events are held every year devoted to the incredible combination of fire, food and enjoying them together. Meatopia is one of the UK’s biggest and best, a place where many of the world’s best chefs show us the wonders that the combination of sustainable wood, charcoal and quality ingredients can produce. It’s held at Tobacco Dock, London from 3rd-5th of September and is always worth a visit.

Cooking with firewood is growing in popularity, and it’s growing fast...

The knock-on effect of course is that more and more of us want to give it a try, we have our grills, our firepits and smokers. Probably we already have mouth-watering ideas of the things we want to try, and the crucial ingredient is of course the wood. Many of the questions we tackle from our customers are centred on the firewood itself.

The first and most important question is focused on treated wood, is it okay to use as firewood?

No, never use treated wood; it’s as simple as that. 

The same goes for laminates, pressure treated woods and any wood that has been painted, glued or chemically treated. There are very real health and environmental risks involved with burning these types of treated wood; they should never be used for firewood and never for cooking food.

If in doubt, throw it out.

What types of wood are best for cooking food?

Always avoid woods with high oil or sap content and remember and remember, the moisture levels in firewood are critical. Seasoned and kiln dried wood is always best.

At LogsOnline, our kiln dried logs are designed to offer the very best cooking experience, whether you are preparing your own fresh pizzas, taking care of the family barbecue or simply toasting marshmallows over the firepit.

Our kiln dried Ash, Oak, Hornbeam and Birch logs contain an average moisture content of 16%, meaning they burn easily, cleanly and safely (all our wood is certified 2DEFRA ready to burn”). They are available through our subscription service and in volumes to suit every need too, from small nets all the way up to jumbo crates with free delivery. 

As more and more of us wake up to the pleasure, the taste and the sheer experience of enjoying food cooked with kiln dried firewood, LogsOnline make sure every one of our customers get the safest, finest quality firewood they need.

If you’d like to learn more about which logs would be right for you and how we can bring them right to your doorstep, get in touch today.