If you are looking to burn your firewood in a hurry, burning kiln dried is the best option. Here are some of the advantages over season dried logs.


  1. The first advantage is the ability to get the fire going quicker. With kiln dried wood you can burn as soon as you get it. The kiln drying process removes the majority of the moisture content meaning you can burn right away. Perfect for those times when you aren't able to plan in advance for your firewood needs.


  1. Having less moisture in your wood means that it lights easier, burns cleaner with less smoke, and lasts longer. If you plan on cooking with wood, kiln dried is your best option for these reasons.


  1. Lastly, you would choose kiln dried wood over "seasoned" wood because of cleanliness. Wood that has come out of a kiln is going to be less dirty and contain less organic matter (bugs!) than wood that has been dried naturally. If you store your wood near or inside of your home, or you just want clean wood, choosing kiln dried is your best bet.


  1. The burning of freshly cut or unseasoned wet wood contribute significantly to high levels of particulate emissions. Conversely burning dry wood has significant and demonstrable benefits in greatly reduced emissions. Burning dry wood on modern stoves can further significantly reduces the amount of particle emissions and improve air quality compared to burn wet wood on open fires.