Coffee Logs Plus 50 LogLites

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Coffee Logs from are eco home fuel briquettes made from waste coffee grounds, generating 80% less greenhouse gas emissions than if those grounds had gone to landfill. Ideal in stoves, but can be used in open too. They burn best when undisturbed and can be instead of or alongside wood and other fuels. Each log is made from the of around 25 of coffee - that’s 400 cups in each bag! But there’s need to worry about the room smelling like the local coffee hangout, as logs are odourless when burnt.


Boxes are added to the top of pallets and delivery is free if ordered with your bulk orders of firewood, but there will be a small delivery charge if ordered on their own and delivery will then be via a courier.We recommend that if you require a small number of boxes without a bulk order of firewood, you buy from one of our national retailers which can be found throughout the UK

  • Made from recycled coffee grounds
  • Burns 20% hotter and longer than dried logs
  • Made in the UK from waste coffee grounds
  • Clean & easy to store
  • Each bag contains 16 logs
  • Weight approx 8kg
  • Comes with a box of 50 LogLites natural fire starters