Logs Online Are Just Warming Up – Pizza Restaurants, Live Fire Cooking, and Hospitality.


Fast-growing firewood supplier Logs Online is continuing to expand with the launch of its new website and the opening of a new distribution centre in Chester, enabling them to supply premium quality, kiln-dried fuel to even more businesses across the UK.

Part of the Strong Energy Group, this flourishing company offers a sustainable solution to businesses that are looking for a fuel that produces low emissions without compromising on heat value. Whether you own a restaurant and are on the look-out for the best fuel for your pizza oven, or you want a cleaner-burning fuel for your pub’s woodburning stoves, Logs Online have trade and wholesale services to meet your business needs.

Perfect for live-fire cooking and use on open fires, all the logs are certified through the government-backed ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative from Woodsure. Burning wet wood is inefficient, creates a lot of smoke which damages the chimney, blackens the appliance and contributes to air pollution. Firewood certified as ‘Ready to Burn’, however, guarantees a moisture content of less than 20%, producing fewer particulates, more heat efficiency and requiring less maintenance for appliances.

As well as being cleaner to burn, Logs Online kiln dried firewood is made from FSC certified virgin timber, all sourced from responsibly managed forests. With a new investment in a strategically located distribution centre, the logs never have far to travel and demand can be met quickly and efficiently.  The combination of high quality, low emissions, and responsible sourcing means that you and your customers can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Already the preferred supplier for Hargassner log boilers and having provided logs many pizza restaurants and live-fire cooking restaurants, Logs Online is proving that quality counts. With the launch of its new website - which will make it even easier to browse and order from its extensive range of products - business is sure to continue heating up.